Bilancio establishes Corporate Wellness Programs for many 1100 King Street Tenants

Since their September 1 launch, Bilancio has introduced many of the tenants at 1100 King Street to their Corporate Wellness Program designed specifically for Class-A tenants.

Bilancio’s 3-pronged approach to Corporate Wellness includes a gym membership program, FlexFit Group Fitness Class programand Private Fitness services.

“The fitness culture for many of the tenants at 1100 King Street is alive and well”, stated Paul Bruni of Bilancio Management.  “The majority are receptive to our Corporate Wellness Program and commitments have been made by many”,  he confirmed.

Bilancio’s FlexFit allows Class-A tenants with an opportunity to purchase cost-effective Group Fitness classes for their entire staff.  The modalities, days and times are chosen by their staff in order to guarantee maximum attendance and build a al sense of community.  Acomplimentary trial class is offered to tenants interested in this program.

To contact Bilancio:

•Call Paul Bruni at 516-697-0484

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