Bilancio Antibacterial Fitness Wipes

Bilancio Antibacterial Fitness Wipes

Bilancio’s new Antibacterial Fitness Wipes with state-of-the-art cup holder design for Class-A Corporate and luxury Residential fitness facilities

Maintaining cleanliness in fitness facilities has always been a priority.  Now more than ever, cleanliness is critical for marketability for Class-A Corporate and luxury Residential fitness studios.

Bilancio’s new antibacterial fitness wipes are a cutting-edge way to help tenants and residents maintain cleanliness pre and post-workout.

The unique cup holder design of this scented 50-wipe canister can be conveniently located in cup holders on cardio and strength training units.

Branding Bilancio’s antibacterial fitness wipes conveys a serious commitment to cleanliness

Branding Bilancio’s antibacterial fitness wipes is available for those who see the value in personalizing this important cleaning product.

Branding communicates a message to tenants and residents how seriously your company regards the importance of health and hygiene

Class-A Corporate accounts and luxury Residential properties who understand the importance of maintaining a sanitized exercise environment helps differentiate themselves as operators who place a real value on the well-being of their tenants and residents.

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